Visual design

Gone Troppo believe in a productive marriage of audio and visual components, and produce their own designs in a wide range of styles to match the genre and mood of each project they produce. Artwork for inserts, disc labels and digital icons for all of their releases are carefully designed to reflect the individual songs in interesting and colourful techniques, using various forms of graphic design and illustration, photography, photo montage, and hand lettering.

Presented here are a collection of unseen sketches, early designs and associated artwork from many of Gone Troppo’s currently available musical adventures.


Above is the original pencil sketch for Waking The Dead In Machu Picchu, together with an early version of the finished icon, before editing and colour balancing. Other than some minor adjustments with the mask elements, the final design is remarkably close to the initial idea.



Children of Chornobyl features a 3-panel printed insert for the physical CD version (shown above) which was designed to graphically illustrates the chaos, decay and sorrow of the disaster. Running across the outer panels is a timeline of key moments during the escalation of the troubled reactor, together with an excerpt from Moscow Radio that highlights the misinformation issued at the time. Below are unused preliminary sketches for proposed images of young children within the inner panels, and also shown is a larger version of the hand drawn title lettering, featuring distressed elements and irregular letter spacing.



Below are the two major components from the cover art for When I First Met You. This design uses multiple photographic overlays, via layer styles in Adobe Photoshop, to create a depth of colour and texture below the main image of a couple sitting on a park bench. Images used to create this effect included close up shots of glistening water in a stream, underwater rocks and leaves, branches, and flowers. The finished artwork was created as a large double panel illustration, with only the right hand side used for the final icon.



Make This Thing Fly is a simple sketched illustration, designed to visually represent a gentle pop song by using imagery from the natural world. Below are the initial sketched concept for the icon, a frame of the unused video title lettering, and a few of the animated bird drawings (Eagle, Seagull, Pelican) used for the music video.




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