Please, Mr President Widodo …

Please, Mr President … we respect your commitment to reducing the drug problem within Indonesia. It is a serious issue for your country and deserves priority. However, we believe that Myuran and Andrew have displayed contrition. They’ve already been in gaol for a long period of time. They made a BIG mistake. They were young and stupid. We believe that they are reformed and deserve to live. Please show mercy and let them live. As Australians, we have helped Indonesia in times of distress, and no doubt will do so when necessary in the future. Can you grant us this plea for the lives of these young men as a return gesture? Our countries have a great future together. Please don’t spoil that by making us an embittered nation.

One response to “Please, Mr President Widodo …

  1. While the crimes these two committed need to be punished, it is clear they have reformed and are indeed a benefit to other prisoners during the nine or so years in prison. It is not right after all that time and rehabilitation to now execute them. Show mercy, show compassion and show that the Indonesian system works to punish and reform prisoners.

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